Sharehouse Youth Programs Inc helps young people in Townsville navigate the road to independence.

By providing various accommodation options, programs, case management, support, and advocacy we aim to reduce the number of at-risk young people in the region.

After being scammed through a Gumtree rental and being blacklisted on TICA, Josie*, her partner Dale and their 4-month-old son were living in an overcrowded house with 9 other family members. While visiting a local community centre to collect food vouchers, Josie met one of the Sharehouse team who told her about Sharehouse Youth Programs.

Josie and her family stayed in a transitional unit for 6 months where they were supported by the team to move into their own rental accommodation in the private market.

“We tried private rentals when we found out we were on TICA, we applied for heaps of places without knowing why we were getting denied. Eventually, I called the real estate and asked why we were getting denied they said we were on TICA. Sharehouse helped us get off the list so we could look at private rentals again.

We had a debt that was paid out, but our names were still on the TICA list. Sharehouse spoke for us and came to court. They gave us support as I suffer from anxiety, so it was a bit hard to face court and do all that crazy stuff I’d never done before. Having them beside us is what helped. We just needed the help to get on our own feet again.

Sharehouse gives you that step in the right direction and then you go off from there. I always let people know about Sharehouse on Facebook if I see young people struggling and needing that help. I’ve kept everyone’s number just in case I ever need support again or even just rental advice.”