Immediate and Transitional Accommodation

Do I have to share a unit with someone else?

Any single person in a 2-bedroom unit will be expected to share with another person of the same sex. If your children live with you, you are not expected to share a unit.

Every bedroom in all our properties is lockable and your housemate will not have access to your bedroom. It is expected that you will share a kitchen, bathroom and living area and follow the household rules.

Do I need to sign a lease?

Most clients enter a Supported Accommodation Agreement for up to 90 days. After 90 days, or once you have steady income, you will be required to enter either a Rooming Accommodation Agreement or a General Tenancy Agreement.

Can I have a pet?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed at any Sharehouse units.

Will I get to choose where I live?

No, you will be allocated a unit based on availability. At times you may be asked to move to another unit so we can accommodate other young people in need. You will always be given notice if you are asked to move.

Do I have to pay rent? How much?

Yes, once you have a steady income it is expected that you pay rent every fortnight. The amount of rent you pay depends on what you can afford to pay.

It is expected that you pay 25% of your pay (income) plus the Commonwealth Rent Assistance you are entitled to. Your rent will never be higher than the market rent for the property.

Our Property Manager will be able to advise you how much your rent will be.
This is in line with Department of Housing and Public Works Community Housing Rent Policy.

Can I have friends and family stay over?

As most of our young people sign a Rooming Accommodation Agreements there are household rules surrounding having guests. Your Youth Worker will provide guidance on a case by case basis.

Do I need to have my own furniture?

No, all Sharehouse properties are fully furnished including linen and kitchen items. It is expected that you treat these items with respect. You will be expected to pay the cost of any damages.

Do I have to do chores?

Yes, it is expected that you develop basic independent living skills which includes keeping your unit clean and tidy. You will be required to work with your housemate to keep the shared areas clean while your bedroom will be your responsibility.

This expectation is part of the Rooming Accommodation Agreements standard Household Rules.

Mobile Outreach Support

If you are currently homeless, need to find somewhere else to live, or are at risk of losing your accommodation our team can help.
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