What is Case Management?

While you are in our accommodation it is expected that you engage in case management with one of our Youth Workers on a weekly basis. Alternatively, our Mobile Support workers can assist you through case management.

Case management is a process where our Youth Workers help you work out what your goals are within in a range of areas. They will then assist you to reach your goals. The relationship you build with your Youth Worker is unique and based on your individual needs.

The primary aims of our case management is to help you gain independence, build tenancy skills and to support you while you to find secure, long-term accommodation.

The types of things we can help you with through case management include:

  • Getting an income (Job or Centrelink)
  • Learning to budget
  • Increasing your independent living skills including cooking, cleaning, navigating public transport
  • General tenancy skills
  • Finding alternative long-term accommodation
  • Finding and applying for training or employment
  • Your general health and wellbeing
  • Connecting positively with your community
  • Referrals to other services

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